Advoic: The Best wholesale voice globally! 

Advoic provides you with a flexible approach to high quality termination through global interconnects. Being in the business for so many years, our expertise brings you the best and unsurpassed value for money in wholesale voice termination. For perfect choice over any given route, Advoic Instant is your optimal choice.

With the vast wholesale voice termination network and complete industry knowledge, we offer your most cost-efficient solution in the market.

Retail services

Advoic provides best value voice solutions combined with excellent retail services that allow enterprises around the world to build agile, resilient, and efficient communication experiences. We are the international voice provider for mobile operators with a comprehensive portfolio of voice termination networks. Our services include messaging for many of the world’s largest retailers as well as voice-over-broadband (OTT) service providers. From major telco, major carriers, MNOs, MVNOs, calling card operators, private route operators, to resellers; everyone gets benefits from our competitive approach and highly responsive service environment. Our unique retail product is meant for our needy subscribers to create value and a long lasting relationship with them.

Advoic aims at offering unparalleled cost-effective solutions while making sure the customer gets complete value out of global interconnect.

We have multiple plans that are built for you to suit your specific needs. Advoic exclusively delivers a tailored voice solution in just a matter of days.

Advoic leverages the long term relationships our company has built with enterprises over the years. Meanwhile, focusing on getting you the best prices and quality.

We have a host of anti-fraud tools at our disposal that make sure your voice traffic is completely protected from fraud.

Enterprise services

Advoice Enterprises Solutions make communication fast, safe, and transparent!
Today, businesses are spread all around the world, which caters international calling needs. We offer complete Enterprise Voice Services with our cutting-edge, superior voice termination features. With international calling over the internet, premium connectivity, and superior call quality; you will get every solution you need! We offer IP-based solutions that remove carrier level redundancies so that you can communicate with customers, send promotional messages, and protect your enterprise from fraud attacks. Utilize our premium network combined with managed VoIP services to find the shortest route between the origin and the destination. On top of this, you get multiple billing options and a tailored service configuration to find the perfect business solution!


Fraud Protection

User Authentication

Why Choose Us?

Call Services

Running a call service comes with unique challenges! Advoic understands that and gives you the solutions you need to reap the rewards. As the leading voice carrier and provider of VoIP services, we have a dependable voice network and a large DID footprint that allows you to achieve high standards. Our telecom solutions cater to all the needs of telecom operators while giving them safe unified billing, revenue assurance, fraud management, and much more. With our constantly expanding international coverage, we can help you navigate the increasingly complex issues of regulations and get the best market rates!