Advoic is one of the most trusted unified communication providers globally.

We focus on delivering reliable wholesale SMS gateway services for better communication across the globe.
While shining all these years in the industry, we have made a strong reputation in the largest markets with our A2P SMS services. Our company supports all types of SMS traffic, such as promotional/marketing messages, time-sensitive transactional messages, one-time passwords, SMS confirmations, real-time notifications, and two-factor authentication messages.
We have now become a preferred channel for enterprises to engage customers in a personalized manner.

A2P Messaging

Improvise Your Business With Global A2P Messaging Connectivity.

Messages have always been the biggest surprise in the telecom industry since their launch. Firstly, P2P SMS was adopted by the generation, and they established a completely new channel across the world. Now, A2P SMS has become the default channel of communication to engage with customers in a highly efficient way. Advoic is a leading global voice connectivity provider today with a high-quality A2P SMS service.

Application-to-Person messaging (A2P Messaging) is about creating automated text messaging traffic in which the audience receives messages from businesses through an application. It allows enterprises to send marketing messages, mass surveys, order confirmations, delivery notices, chat bots, PIN codes, and one-time passwords (OTPs) to their customers. Most banks use  A2P Messaging to send deposit confirmation, suspicious activity in the user’s account, and insufficient balance alerts. This way, you can also send two-factor authentication and password reset alerts to directly assist your clients with follow-up inquiries and notifications.

Offering Global A2P Messaging Services to Businesses

We offer a secure, highly reliable SMS gateway service for you to seek outbound two-way A2P communications.

    • The Quick Interconnection Process
    • Bulk two-way A2P SMS
    • Support for Number Portability
    • Global Coverage with A-to-Z SMS Termination
    • Secure private network that is fully redundant
    • 24 Hour Quality Support

SMS firewall

Advoic SMS Firewall - Enhance Security and Protect Subscribers

It's time to use SMS as a flawless medium of communication with your old and new customers. Send tons of messages within a few seconds all around the world with Advoic SMS Firewall services. We provide a complete A2P security & monetization solution while classifying messages and forcing A2P termination over official routes effectively to give you maximum revenue at the same time. We tend to protect your subscribers' security against unwanted messages and fraud.

Security Solutions 

SMS are generally safe, well-established, and inexpensive, but they still require security. The presence of third-party fraudsters and hackers can harm your privacy. Don’t let them harm the valuable revenue stream and trust you have built from your quality. We are enhancing short message service (SMS) security day by day through the latest & advanced technology. Our aim is to address messaging threats and security breaches instantly. 

    • Take control of traffic by blocking spam messages.
    • Protect against all SMS-based messaging attacks.
    • Customize real-time alerts to be notified early.
    • Equipped with powerful reporting
    • Encrypt subscriber privacy by keeping their location private.

Helping you at every step…

Just log in and start your success journey with Advoic today! 


2-Way Messaging

Two-Way Messaging is the Future of Business Communication

Amplify your customer engagement with Advoic two-way messaging services. Complete your business communication strategy with conventional messaging. Sending short codes and long codes to receive messages between enterprises and customers is not possible with A2P. You need a two-way communication feature. SMS is not just a one-way street but a complete information delivery system. 

Incorporate Two-Way SMS with Advoic

Take your name to the next level by interacting better with the audience. Advoic is offering you a great two-way messaging network. This will help you open new doors, convert leads and build strong relationships with customers eventually. Get the most efficient and robust mode of communication that opens new growth steps for you! 


Engage your customers with the Telegram Business Solution

Advoic allows you to amplify your communication with rich content from Telegram like pictures, videos, and more. With our services, you can easily set up quick replies, indicate notifications, and share links. Get in touch with your customers easily and help them find an extra bit of information and support needed. Connect and engage with the Telegram community and get access to a global network. Seek meaningful conversations, increase customer satisfaction, and drive sales. 

How can you connect with the audience?

Solving problems is easiest when you can use Advoic

Efficient Communication

The Telegram Solution is a valuable and powerful tool for high-quality interactions with customers. Enhance the customer service and improve your business results with Advoic.

High Conversations

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging channels on the planet, allowing you to talk to customers in real-time and have relevant and rich conversations.

Secure Messaging

Telegram securely hosts its data. We also host and secure your network, which is secured with end-to-end encryption.


Increase Your Customer Support With Chatbot

Everyone knows that voice-activated digital assistants create efficient workflows. Advoic is offering richer customer experiences as the prominence of online messaging and voice interfaces has started to increase in recent times. From organizing to processing requests, these AI technology-based chatbots can do everything to automate your tasks and increase productivity. Customers appreciate smart and reliable responses. They feel satisfied and happy with the enterprise. As a result, the process leads to higher conversion rates